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BRANDED Acquires the Community-based Men’s Personal Care Brand Fresh Heritage

BRANDED Acquires the Community-based Men's Personal Care Brand Fresh Heritage
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New YorkAnd January 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/- Brands GroupToday, the world’s leading operator of digital consumer brands, announced its acquisition of Fresh Heritage, a men’s personal care company that solves the grooming problems of modern men of color. with the founder Jamal Codner Continuing to be heavily involved in the brand’s future success, BRANDED intends to scale operations and reach quickly – transforming Fresh Heritage into a powerful personal care brand for men of color. This acquisition represents the fifth men’s grooming brand owned by BRANDED and highlights its strong leadership in this category.

Fresh Heritage was founded by Jamal and Jamil Codner, two brothers who were inspired during a trip to North Africa To create a high-quality, chemical-free personal care brand for men of color to look and feel their best. While grounded in African roots, Fresh Heritage prides itself on building new traditions of personal care, aiming to inspire confidence in all aspects of its clients’ lives.

From our first sourcing trip to North AfricaWe knew that the quality of our ingredients would be the key to the success of our brand and our ability to grow a community,” he said Jamal CodnerCo-Founder and CEO of Fresh Heritage, “A Fresh Heritage customer is a man who exudes confidence in other areas of his life but may not have complete confidence in his or her personal care products and habits. They look for our products because they make them look the way they really feel. “. Fresh Heritage products are safe for all hair types and ethnicities, but they work especially well for black men with coarse, curly hair that needs a little extra attention and care.

BRANDED brings deep expertise to expand Fresh Heritage’s global distribution business and expertise to amplify the brand through existing marketing, supply chain and manufacturing infrastructure. This will allow the founders of Fresh Heritage to multiply the new product development, brand awareness, and community engagement initiatives that have contributed significantly to its already outstanding success.

“The brand aligns with our goals of expanding into a global community of men who need quality products,” Codner continued. “They have a lot of experience expanding internationally and reaching consumers wherever they are. As a family business, we really wanted to reach more customers with a partner who shares our brand vision. We feel BRANDED has both the technical expertise and the brand philosophy that makes things happen for us.”

Fresh Heritage caters to its enthusiastic client base which primarily operates directly to the consumer. BRANDED will expand Fresh Heritage’s reach locally by offering it to third-party markets, leveraging BRANDED’s market expertise and launch platform to reach customers across channels. BRANDED also plans to launch Fresh Heritage in new territories including Europe And Canada.

“Fresh Heritage is a perfect match for BRANDED because we invest our time and capital in brands with passion and integrity,” he said. Michael Ronin, BRANDED PRESIDENT. “The team at Fresh Heritage should be proud of the quality of their product line, and of the community they’ve built to go with it. We look forward to their continued success and growth.”

In its first year of operations, BRANDED has grown at record speed, with more than 250 employees worldwide and over 40 brands in its portfolio.

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About Fresh Heritage

Fresh Heritage is a personal care and grooming company that creates products inspired by African hygiene traditions to solve modern hygiene issues for men of color. Fresh Heritage produces high-quality, chemical-free personal care products that men can use to look and feel their best. Naturally paired with the company’s vision of raising self-confidence, Fresh Heritage play an active role in their community, sponsoring a wide range of initiatives to advance and celebrate black communities. Founded in 2017, Fresh Heritage is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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