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Big list: 54 end user sales up to $350,000 – Domain Name Wire

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Below are the 54 domain names that end users have purchased in recent weeks.

Sedo has been dropping domain name sales for three weeks today, and that means we have a lot of end user domain sales to work through. Let’s get it right. (You can view previous end user lists like these here.) $350,000 – The domain is directed to the website of Robomarkets, a stock trading platform. $65,000 – Yes, it’s a porn site. $50,000 – The site’s content doesn’t really say what it is, but it does mention workers for desirable jobs in exchange for employment contracts. They are developing a white paper, which, along with the term cryptography, proposes a play related to the blockchain. $40,000 – Clean Planet Energy turns non-recyclable plastics into clean fuels. It redirects this domain to – 39,990 euros – This domain redirects to the website of UDrive, a delivery service. $25,000, $12,999, $8995 – bought more domains. $17,000 – Kors is a thin-film technology company. It acquired a company called Scribos last year. €15,000 – VELUX Schweiz AG is a skylight company. This word is German for skylight. $15,000 – Goodwill identifies billing errors and inflated fees on medical bills.

$12888 – Tokenfy helps people launch NFTs. $10,000 – Business finance company Paro uses the domain. $10,000 – Strangely, the site is currently promoting universities in Turkey $8000 Mooning is a marketing company that helps companies with NFTs and the metaverse.

6fb .com $7,488 – 6fb is a football betting site. $6,590 – This domain is forwarded to is a third-level TLD offering. € 6500 – This domain is directed to Weckman is a ceiling and walls company. €6500 – Leomil produces branded and licensed footwear products. $5,500 – Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company working to treat AL amyloidosis. $5,485 – This area was bought by HWI Pharma Services GmbH in Germany. €5,100 – Southern Cross Austereo Pty Ltd is an Australian media company. One of its brands is Hit Network. $5000 – Kentucky Bank Bank. I think this beginning is connected to the independent community bankers in America. $5000 – 2 Million Conseil Insurance Broker. This sounds like a very low price for a great .co file. $5,000 – Hays Ascena is the former name of Hays Plc, a recruitment firm. $5000 Scattershot is a game development studio. – $5,000 – This domain is directed to the website of 4 Screen GmbH, a company that creates connected car technology. $4,960 – WeAreOne.World BV organizes music festivals, including Tomorrowland. € 4500 – This domain is directed to, a site about carbon neutral mobility. – $4,382 This range was purchased by Biodiversia tejadilla sl of Sweden. $4,330 – Grayscale Technologies is a technology consulting and systems design firm. $4,250 – This domain was bought by Patrick Piemonte as a personal site. $4000 – IBC Group FZCO is a cryptocurrency marketing company. $3,995 – Cosmic Shovel is a developer store that acquired other domains from Sedo. $3,995 Cryptogic is a cryptocurrency investment news site. $3500 – This domain is directed to, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). $3,499 – This site, which is still in development, will be dedicated to “food in the metaverse”. 3000 euros – The Tatzlwurm is a hotel in Bulgaria. $2999 Yeguada la Reserva appears to be a beauty store in Mexico. €2,990 – HGC sells floor coverings and outdoor products. € 2888 – Webtale is an advertising and digital software development company. €2,850 – Be Social provides sales and service staff. He redirects this domain to

Rapid $2,800 – Rapid Data AG Unternehmensberatung provides Undertaker Program for Funeral Homes. This is not what I expected. € 2,700 – Liacon is an industrial battery manufacturer. It redirects this domain to a .com match. € 2,600 – this domain translates to booster vaccination In Germany. It redirects to a Roche-powered site for DoctorBox, which offers Covid-19 tests. € 2500 – Evy is an extended warranty company for e-commerce websites. € 2500 – RecruitMe is a recruitment service. $2,500 – Leap Social will be an AI-based matchmaking tool for young professionals. €2,499 – This domain is redirected to the website of Greenyard Fresh, a production company in the Netherlands.

NVbetting .com $2,495 – Ribacka Media AB is a leading gambling business. $2,311 Gemini is building a fully autonomous Series 8 electric truck. $2,199 – This domain was acquired by Antsy Ant Web Design, likely for a client. $2110 – Urban Worldwide is an executive transportation company. $2000 – Collag is a collectible clothing collectible sharing platform.

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