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Ask The Expert: Local ammo owner goes regional with some help | Sponsored Features

Ask The Expert: Local ammo owner goes regional with some help | Sponsored Features
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What started as a simple call to inquire about website development turned out to be more than what Lance Pilant, owner of Four State Ammo, bargained for when Annette Riherd, digital strategist for Amplified Digital – the full-service digital agency for Tulsa World Media Company, returned the call.

“After working in the ammunition distribution business for 6 months, I started looking for a digital partner,” Pelant said. “I searched southwest Missouri, but wanted a bigger partner and found this on Tulsa World. I was lucky that Annette answered the call.”

Riherd started the conversation and found out where Pelant is at his current job, what obstacles he’s facing, and where he wants to go.

“For Lance, he was looking to build a website and then needed to figure out the best marketing tools to drive business to his website for the best results,” Reheard said.

With a storage facility full of ammunition, Pelant needed more than word of mouth to promote his product, because that strategy had no effect. The next hurdle was finding the right audience and standing up for them in the right way.

“That’s when Annette came in,” Pelant said. “She helped us organize our website and simplify our overall online presence for the best customer experience. Along with her team, Annette provided feedback on how we could improve our campaign to see what worked and what didn’t, and showed us how they use online tools to attract customers to our product.”

Pelant said Google and Facebook have a lot to do when it comes to ammunition marketing.

“We have certainly seen challenges in managing our messaging as well as appearing to the right audience as a reputable company,” he said. “Annette has provided solutions to help navigate the right channels to put my company in front of the right consumer.”

In the past year, Pilant’s ammunition company has experienced significant growth.

“Without Annette, we’re still just a local ammunition provider to our friends and neighbors, but now with a strategic online presence, we’re increasing visibility and revenue from a four-state area!” He said.

Now Pelant can maintain his focus on supply and nurture his relationships to keep his inventory full. As long as he can get it, Pelant said, he can sell it.

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ANNETTE RIHERD, Digital Strategist

Digital Marketing Amplification

“With the nationwide supply chain and throttling issues affecting major companies, you can see a costume like me can get the product out in a few hours or days — it’s a huge plus,” he said. “I’ve worked for big companies, and seen the results of digital marketing. Annette was able to craft those tactics on a small budget for a small business — but she gave us the attention of a big corporate client.”

Helping small to large business owners only starts with a conversation, Reherd said. There are products out there that are more controlled, but the entire partnered premium digital agency team of Tulsa World Media Company – Amplified Digital – can find a solution!

“Annette is doing a really great job!” Pelant said.

For more information, visit or call 918-694-3490.


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