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Are Nike’s Member Days loyalty’s future? – RetailWire

Are Nike’s Member Days loyalty’s future? – RetailWire
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January 03, 2022

Nike in November set member engagement records with the launch of the first globally coordinated Member’s Day event. The event, which began in 2019, offers loyalty members special access, offers, and rewards over five days.

“From member-exclusive product offerings to first member events broadcast live from Nike Town London and the Passeig de Gracia Store in Barcelona, ​​we have created a premium member experience and set a record number of weekly active users on the Nike app in North America,” Matthew Friend, Nike EVP and CFO, said the company’s second quarter Investor Invitation Last month.

The November US event included:

  • November 9 – Member-exclusive footwear and running apparel: Exclusive access to new cold-weather running apparel as well as a re-release of the 1979 running shoe, Daybreak, updated with retro colors.
  • November 10 – Peace Players Memorial Celebration: Members earned the Nike Run Club Achievement Badge by running a 5K or participating in other activities to raise awareness for PeacePlayers, an organization that uses basketball to unite young people in divided communities.
  • November 11 – Save up to 50% on select styles: Flash sale offer discounts of up to 50 percent on different styles.
  • November 12 – Nike By You Kyrie 7 Exclusive: Members got the chance to Customize the new Kyrie 7 shoe style by Nike By You.
  • November 13 – 1st Air Force: Members received the latest Air Force 1 model in colors inspired by World Kindness Day.

Nike attributes its members’ strong involvement to the choices it offers customers to connect digitally. Forty percent of Nike Online sales this year came from the brand’s mobile apps.

“Not every brand in our or other industries is able to have that direct contact with consumers,” said John Donahoe, President and CEO of Nike. “This is why we focus so much on the entire funnel of our consumers, bring new members to the top of the funnel, get us in the middle of the funnel, and then clearly translate that into strong and deep relationships.”

Most member events from other retailers seem to be largely related to sales, including Amazon Prime Day, early access to major sales events like Nordstrom’s half-year sale, Macy’s and Gap’s Friends and Family Days among others.

Discussion Questions: Does the extended days program similar to Nike Members’ Days work with other retailers? What can other retailers and brands learn from Nike about engaging members digitally?


“Not every brand has ownership of the brand or the range of products to imitate these strategies. But the ethos of the strategies should be embraced by every brand.”

“Loyalty programs that integrate seamlessly with consumers’ behavior and habits are the future.”

“Nike member days are a great way to learn about member loyalty by accessing exclusive content and offers.”


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