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When marketers Paul Benigeri and Geoffrey Woo worked at their previous company, food technology and e-commerce infrastructure, respectively, they experienced how manual and repetitive digital marketing workflows were, especially as the number of disparate and unintegrated marketing tools grew.

With the goal of making their lives easier, they founded in March to build a technology that connects databases and distribution channels so they can talk to each other and talk about what they think will be the future of marketing – “build with you” – versus a “talk to you” approach, the founders believe digital marketing traditional does.

Its two primary products are Archive, a Shopify app that automatically detects, categorizes, and saves brand-related Instagram Stories, and Archive Communities, which makes influencer marketing programmatic so brands can scale their community building efforts faster.


In fact, Woo,’s CEO, said via email that the company is spearheading a new approach to digital marketing called “community marketing.”

“This takes ideas from influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, loyalty programs and community management,” he said. “A lot of current services are running in silos and not doing well. Also since Apple banned the tracking pixel on Facebook with iOS 14 in recent months, a lot of paid social media ads have become hugely ineffective for most e-commerce companies.”

Before incorporation, the company was a profitable venture, according to Lu. The foundation’s client list includes Four Sigmatics, former CEO of Benigeri’s Health Via Modern Nutrition and some household names he wasn’t ready to say yet. There are more than 40 alpha testers in the archiving app with more than 200 people on the waiting list. The company expects to start working with the Archive app before the end of November.

However, in order to “properly build a next-generation community marketing technology company,” Wu said, the company decided to seek some venture capital. Today, it announced $4.068 million in funding led by Stripe.

Also joining the round were Lux Capital, Sugar Capital and Anti Fund, as well as a group of individual investors including Ramp CEO Eric Glyman and CTO Karim Attieh, Attentive CEO Brian Long and CPO Andrew Jones, and CEO of Applied Intuition Palace Younes and Hugging Face CEO Clement Delange.

With the new funding, the company tripled its headcount to 36 people, and its monthly recurring revenue has grown 58% since April. The company also intends to triple the engineering team to focus on workflow automation and machine learning to help and facilitate marketing tasks and decisions.

In addition, the plans include the formation of a marketing team. Kwan Kim recently joined as Head of Growth after being Recurly’s first digital marketing hire and expanded the company to its acquisition by Accel-KKR in 2020.

“The archive provides companies with an easy way to review and, most importantly, understand what their customers are actually saying — the north star of every smart company,” said Chris Sperandeo, Head of Corporate Development at Stripe, in a written statement. “We are excited to invest in Archive, and in doing so, to help users grow an Internet-based commerce.”

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