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Anyword’s AI Copywriting Positioned for 2022 Digital Marketing Trend

Anyword's AI Copywriting Positioned for 2022 Digital Marketing Trend
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AI text writing software uses predictive analytics to create the most effective messages.

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NEW YORK, Dec 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – With its ability to improve messaging, increase sales conversions and reduce campaign costs, experts predict that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing is expected to rise in 2022. any wordThe AI-powered copywriting platform has announced that it will use $21 million in new funding to expand its predictive model to improve marketing effectiveness.

Anyword uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create an intuitive scoring system that generates and ranks text according to its potential marketing effectiveness, allowing marketers to create optimal campaigns while avoiding costly and time-consuming A/B testing. Anyword has previously received funding from Group 11, UpWest Labs, and Innovation Endeavors.

Company officials say the new funding round will allow Anyword to improve its platform by developing larger models to predict messaging performance.

“A larger model will allow for a deeper understanding of the connections between things, events, people, and emotions, and better predict how well different versions will perform,” said Yaniv Macover, Anyword co-founder and CEO. “Our main goal is to write ads generator tool that provide customers with the best possible results – whether it be to increase conversions or increase sales.”

Anyword also plans to expand the capabilities of the API to support more channels and formats, and to develop more use cases for the platform, with a focus on performance prediction. Macover said the company will also use the funding to expand the go-to-market team and increase brand awareness.

in a Forbes latest article, 14 marketing and communications leaders cited AI script writing as a trend for 2022, as companies seek to develop content using the tone and voice of consumers accustomed to social media channels. Marketing companies see AI copywriting as a way to improve ROI in digital marketing.

Marketers can “deploy AI for tactical goals by using it to make small but impactful decisions to improve campaigns, including creativity, placement, and more,” said Ajay Gupta, founder and CEO of Stirista.

“More than a billion marketing messages flow through digital channels every day, but it is still very much a guessing game as to which messages are effective and why,” Macover said. “Anyword uses models that are able to analyze text, understand its purpose and ideal audience, and can now create an authentic marketing language that drives action.”

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About Anyword

Anyword, formerly Keywee, uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to develop an effective performance-based marketing language so that marketers communicate with consumers using text that produces the highest levels of results and meets conversion goals. Anyword’s AI-generated text is paired with an intuitive scoring system that categorizes text, predicting results so marketers can measure performance before launching a campaign and avoid costly and time-consuming A/B testing. With predictive performance, marketers know in advance how well a script will perform with each audience base. Headquartered in New York, Anyword was founded in 2013 and has raised $9.1 million from major investors such as Group 11, UpWest Labs, Innovation Endeavors and The New York Times, and is proud to work with the world’s top marketers and leading publishers. To learn more about Anyword, visit

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