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Ai Media Group Recognized as a Top 30 Digital Agency in New York by DesignRush

Ai Media Group Recognized as a Top 30 Digital Agency in New York by DesignRush
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New York–(work wire) – DesignRush, the B2B marketplace that connects brands to professional full-service agencies, web design firms, digital marketing firms, and major technology companies, has recognized Ai Media Group as the 30 Best Digital Agency in New York.

This honor comes at the end of another successful year for Ai Media Group. “Despite the ongoing headwinds from the pandemic and significant changes to privacy and data compliance regulations, Ai Media Group has continued to deliver amazing results for our customers,” said Joanna Sammartino Bailey, President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our ability to understand pivotal and changing market trends and provide innovative growth strategies that leverage our referral technology has allowed us to deliver significant return on ad spend to clients despite another unprecedented year.”

What sets Ai Media Group apart from other companies is its attribution technology. Customers now expect their experiences to be continuous, consistent, customized, multi-device, and across channels. Ai Media Group’s advertising technology allows users to track, measure and improve marketing campaigns and deliver an ongoing customer experience with complete suppressive marketing, all while complying with new privacy laws.

In strict compliance with rapidly changing data regulations, the Ai Media Group platform does not allow the use of any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data. Instead, the proprietary technology, called Ai Media OID, uses unique identifiers that comply with data privacy laws, including CCPA and GDPR.

The insights gained from this technology provide Ai Media Group customers with a deep understanding of what impacts their customers at every stage of the buying journey. These insights are leveraged to help improve performance and act as a platform to guide customers to make fact-based, data-driven decisions about media spending, media mix modeling, segmentation, targeting, and more.

“We believe we are in a unique position to leverage the convergence of advertising and marketing technologies with the human element to help drive digital sales for our customers,” said Dr. Anthony Bowen, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer.

About the Ai Media Group:

Founded in 2008, Ai Media Group is a technology-enabled, performance-driven digital advertising agency with industry-leading capabilities to drive sales and leads. Ai Media Group has a proven track record of generating greater return on ad spend by leveraging its proprietary ad attribution technology and media buying expertise. Ai helps customers across sectors understand the specifics of a customer’s online journey in real time, from first online appearance to final purchase.

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