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5 Emerging Digital Marketing Trends; Demand for Content Increases by 71% Despite COVID

5 Emerging Digital Marketing Trends; Demand for Content Increases by 71% Despite COVID
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In a survey conducted by leading US content creation platform Verblio of more than 100 digital marketing agency owners and experts, most said they had seen an increase in business over the past 12 months despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 71% stating that demand for Content for online marketing specifically.

75% expect further growth in the content marketing industry

In response to questions regarding challenges encountered over the past year with content marketing operations, and the “secrets” behind the success of digital content marketing, the agencies said they added more than nine new customers and lost less than four in the past year, while 75% said they expect more. of growth in the industry.

Furthermore, 75% of those surveyed said they expect content marketing revenue to rise over the next year – only 3% said they expected revenue to decline. With powerful marketing tools from trusted partners like – Designed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) – organizations can reach more potential customers on Google, social media, or via email than any other company. time ago.

Here are some other important trends dominating the digital marketing industry:

Content Pricing: Social media posts are the least expensive

On average, Verblio found that agencies charge $2,000 or more for interactive marketing campaigns, while social media posts are the least expensive form of content, coming in at an average of $130.

Profitable type of blogging

While interactive campaigns command the highest price, blogging comes out on top in terms of monetization. 62% of agencies surveyed said blogs were the most profitable content offerings, while landing pages ranked second – 42% of those surveyed said they were revenue-generating pioneers.

Social media is the most popular way to promote

Some form of promotion was essential to achieving results, this was a near-unanimous conclusion, and social media ended up for their clients as a popular method, according to 79% of agencies. 18%, however, still admit to paying for link marketing and other forms of coverage.

Content creators plan to expand blog offerings

When asked what marketing experts plan to invest the most in the next five years, the answer is blogging and blogging; 61% of content creators plan to inflate their blog offerings, while landing page and video marketing follows.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

71% of the agencies surveyed said they rely on certain tools for their digital marketing success – 29%, surprisingly, said they don’t use any particular tools.

Ranked from 1 to 10, here are the digital marketing agency tools that are ranked at the top of the list: Asana,, Hotjar, SEMRush, crazyegg, Trello, 99designs, ahrefs, Lucky orange, Accelo.

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