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3 Unstoppable Stocks I Can’t Wait to Buy in 2022

3 Unstoppable Stocks I Can't Wait to Buy in 2022
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One of the downsides to my job is that I can’t always buy the stocks I want when I want to. There are certain trading restrictions in my contract that prevent me from buying and selling certain shares for a period. So I couldn’t buy more stock in some of my favorite products growth stocks.

However, those restrictions will be lifted sometime in 2022, and I can’t wait. I am keen to add to my positions in Pfeiffer (NYSE: FFRR)And Hubspot (NYSE: Centers), And Zscaler (NASDAQ: ZS) Because they are taking advantage of the massive opportunities in the market, which offers them growth potential that is almost unstoppable.

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Winning from shifting the way we work

Fiverr is a global marketplace that connects freelancers with companies looking for digital services such as graphic design, digital marketing, and video. Freelancing is already a huge market, with the income of a freelance translator in the US alone exceeding $815 billion. According to Fiverr estimates, its market opportunity is over $115 billion and it is growing. More people are leaving their jobs every day to work for themselves big resignation gain strength.

Fiverr is just scratching the surface of this massive and growing market opportunity. The company is on track to generate more than $295.4 million in revenue in 2021, which is 56% ahead of its 2020 tally. It is adding buyers and sellers of digital services at breakneck speed, which should continue for years to come as more people and businesses turn to freelancing. . At the same time, it is steadily expanding its overall addressable market opportunities by adding more types of skills, increasing its geographic footprint, and tapping into new groups of buyers and sellers of services. With multiple catalysts, Fiverr seems poised to deliver years of unstoppable growth.

It aims to help millions of businesses grow

HubSpot has developed Software as a Service (SaaS).SaaSA platform that helps customers attract, interact with and delight their customers. Its bold goal is to help millions of organizations grow better. With less than 130,000 customers as of the third quarter, it has plenty of room to run.

HubSpot started as a marketing app. It has evolved into a platform that currently includes marketing, sales, service, content management system, and operations centers. Aims to add more in the future. These positions are still in the early days of developing these positions with 42% of clients using only one position, while 27% use only two positions. This provides her with plenty of opportunities to expand her existing relationships. This is in addition to the growth it sees in the future by attracting new customers to its centers. In HubSpot’s view, multiple market opportunities can support annual revenue growth of approximately 30% for years to come.

Securing how we access information

Zscaler brown a clouds-based on cyber security cloud system. Zero Trust Exchange connects users to applications, not corporate networks. It also makes applications invisible and does not allow cross-contacts. These features are essential to protect users and data in today’s mobile-first world.

Zscaler is on track to generate $1 billion in revenue this fiscal year, which will be up nearly 50% year over year. This leaves plenty of room for growth. The company sees a $72 billion opportunity in its current target markets and an even greater opportunity in the long-term. It has many growth drivers, including increasing the number of its customers and expanding existing relationships, expanding its functions and new technological innovation, and expanding into new geographies and types of customers.

Take advantage of massive growth opportunities

Fiverr, HubSpot, and Zscaler are still in the early stages of growth. All three companies have huge markets to tackle, paving the way for years of fast-paced growth. I want to add more unstoppable growth stocks to my portfolio, which is why I can’t wait to buy them in 2022.

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