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12 marketing execs leading the metaverse charge

12 marketing execs leading the metaverse charge
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Craig Brommers, American Eagle Outfitters

Prior to taking up the position of Chief Marketing Officer at American Eagle, Craig Brommers worked as a lead marketer for Outfitters Speedo, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Gap, as well as smoking label Juul. Since taking over the marketing leadership of American Eagle, Brommers has leaped upside down into the metaverse.

To complement its Spring 2021 line of jeans, American Eagle has partnered with Snapchat to launch an augmented reality filter that allows users to preview and purchase denim using their phone’s camera. In the summer, youth clothing is further digitized with a fashion font for Bitmoji, the emoji app. She debuted her first line of NFTs in early November, with a modern twist forward. The tokens, which sold for just $1, can be exchanged for a physical patch to sew onto American Eagle denim. The first “drop” sold out within 30 minutes, the second in three minutes and the third in just 90 seconds, Bromers said.

“Generation Z continues to evolve the ways in which they shop and interact with brands, and in order to stay connected with this original digital generation, we are constantly evolving by being the first to introduce innovative initiatives and drive virtual and trusted AE,” Brommers said in an email.

For the holiday, Brommers said, American Eagle continues to rely on augmented reality functionality on Snap using a holiday catalog-style lens and the recent appearance of the latest version of its shopping portal on the platform.

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