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10 New Year’s resolutions for small businesses

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As entrepreneurs and business owners look back to 2021, many may be excited to let go of the challenges, transformations, and unpredictability of the past year.

Over the past two years, the challenges and obstacles placed on small businesses have been many and varied. From implementing policies to following quarantine and social distancing guidelines to stressing the digital marketplace, small business owners have continued to demonstrate their resilience and strength amid an ongoing global catastrophe.

Just like personal New Year’s resolutions, the BBB recommends business owners take the time to craft and strategize some New Year’s resolutions focused on their continued professional success. To shape these decisions, business owners must reconsider the prior year and identify the elements within their business structure that they may need to focus on. These elements may be external, such as marketing, or internal, such as the acquisition of additional employees, which will position the company to get the most out of 2022.

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